With the development of technology, in the world of blockchain + internet, the empowerment of technology gives each digital artwork a unique identity code, traceability, corroboration and inability to be tampered with, a series of advantages that ignite the passion of digital artists to create and the market's rising enthusiasm for collecting crypto art.
The opening of ART DIGITAL POWER Gallery in Shanghai M50 Art Park represents the booming development of crypto art at the moment and is the first offline crypto art exhibition space in mainland China.
Crypto art is digital art empowered by the blockchain. Before this, digital art was used as part of multimedia art or large-scale installations in contemporary art, and did not fully exploit the creative energy of digital art. It has also been on the fringes of the contemporary art scene due to the ease of reproduction in the online world making the circulation collection of large enclosures unable to guarantee the interests of both artists and collectors.

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Twitter: @ArtDigitalPower
地址:上海市 普陀区 M50创意园(莫干山路50号近澳门路) 4b103